Independent Instructor Directory

SALTA seeks to create a directory of professional instructors, tutors, and language partners who are willing to be contacted by individual students who are occasionally unable to participate in traditional classes. Rates, course structures, and other terms will be determined between the student and instructor. If you would like for students to be able toContinue reading “Independent Instructor Directory”

EPIC-Lang Series Event feat. Bhavya Singh

via Gyanam Mahajan EPIC-Lang would like to present its new Tips, Tricks and Treats talk series on language instruction with two new events: “Creative Online Units in Language Instruction” with Dr. Beyza Lorenz will be held on Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 4-5 PM. Please click to register. Dr. Beyza Lorenz will focus on interactive, collaborative assignmentsContinue reading “EPIC-Lang Series Event feat. Bhavya Singh”