2022 Conference

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Conference Schedule June 24-25, 2022

Friday, June 24

Shanghai 6:00-6:30A (25 JUN)
Delhi 3:30-4:00A (25 JUN)
London 11:00-11:30P
New York 6:00-6:30P
Chicago 5:00-5:30P
Denver 4:00-4:30P
Los Angeles 3:00-3:30P
Honolulu 12:00-12:30P
Opening Remarks and Annual Report
South Asian Language Teaching: Integration

Elliott McCarter
(Vanderbilt University)
Shanghai 6:30-8:00A (25 JUN)
Delhi 4:00-5:30A (25 JUN)
London 11:30-1:00A (25 JUN)
New York 6:30-8:00P
Chicago 5:30-7:00P
Denver 4:30-6:00P
Los Angeles 3:30-5:00P
Honolulu 12:30-2:00P
Session One
Evidence Based Material and Instructional Development
Mansi Bajaj (University of Texas, Austin)

Sunil Bhatt
(University of British Columbia)

William Cocke (Augusta University)

Peter Knapczyk (Wake Forest University)
Madison 7:00P
Dinner Reception
Madison, Wisconsin

Saturday, June 25

Shanghai 9:00-9:30P
Delhi 6:30-7:00P
London 2:00-2:30P
New York 9:00-9:30A
Chicago 8:00-8:30A
Denver 7:00-7:30A
Los Angeles 6:00-6:30A
Honolulu 3:00-3:30A
Shanghai 9:30-11:00P
Delhi 7:00-8:30P
London 2:30-4:00P
New York 9:30-11:00A
Chicago 8:30-10:00A
Denver 7:30-9:00A
Los Angeles 6:30-8:00A
Honolulu 3:30-5:00A
Session Two
“Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”: Integrating the Regional and Global Learners through Hindi Language Teaching
Pritesh Chakraborty
(Acharya Sukumar Sen Mahavidyalaya)

Pooja Ranade
(Fergusson College)

Anuradha Dosad
(Adamas University)
Shanghai 11:15P-12:45A (25-26 JUN)
Delhi 8:45-10:15P
London 4:15-5:45P
New York 11:15A-12:45P
Chicago 10:15-11:45A
Denver 9:15-10:45A
Los Angeles 8:15-9:45A
Honolulu 5:15-6:45A

Session Three
Applied Theory and Pedagogic Practice in South Asian Languages
Santosh Kumar (Delhi Teachers University)

Rajiv Ranjan (Michigan State University)

Kashika Singh
(Indiana University Bloomington)
Madison 12:00-1:30PBrown Bag Language Teaching WorkshopIn-Person, Madison Wisconsin
Shanghai 2:30-4:00A (26 JUN)
Delhi 12:00-1:30A (26 JUN)
London 7:30-9:00P
New York 2:30-4:00P
Chicago 1:30-3:00P
Denver 12:30-2:00P
Los Angeles 11:30A-1:00P
Honolulu 8:30-10:00A
Session Four
Integrating Active Learning, Digital Resources and Background Topic Literature in the Sanskrit Classroom
Patrick T. Cummins
(Cornell University)

Nataliya Yanchevskaya (Princeton University)

Aleksandar Uskokov
(Yale University)
Shanghai 4:15-5:15A (26 JUN)
Delhi 1:45-2:45A (26 JUN)
London 9:15-10:15P
New York 4:15-5:15P
Chicago 3:15-4:15P
Denver 2:15-3:15P
Los Angeles 1:15A-2:15P
Honolulu 10:15-11:15A
Business MeetingBoard Members Required
Shanghai 6:00-7:00A (26 JUN)
Delhi 3:30-4:30A (26 JUN)
London 11:00-12:00P
New York 6:00-7:00P
Chicago 5:00-6:00P
Denver 4:00-3:00P
Los Angeles 3:00-4:00P
Honolulu 12:00-1:00P
Keynote AddressFrances Pritchett
(Columbia University)
Closing RemarksElliott McCarter
(Vanderbilt University)


Theme: Integration

University of Wisconsin-Madison, June 24-25, 2022

Call for Proposals

South Asian Language Teachers Association (SALTA) is pleased to announce a two-day conference to be held online and in-person (hybrid) in partnership with the University of Wisconsin at Madison on June 24-25, Friday-Saturday, 2022.

The theme of this year’s conference is South Asian Language Teaching is “Integration.” How do we integrate new pedagogic methodologies into our practices? How do South Asian language programs partner with other stakeholders in their respective institutions? How do curricula and materials intersect with one another inter-institutionally? This conference aims to bring together teachers of South Asian languages of all experience levels and all backgrounds to share and discuss these and similar questions to expand the horizon of South Asian language teaching.

We solicit proposals for panels on relevant topics as suggested by the themes mentioned above. Individual and workshop presentations will also be considered. Each panel will be 90 minutes long with 3-4 panelists/presenters; and individual presentations will be 20 minutes long. A proposal should include name(s) of presenters/panelists and a short description (250-500 words) of your proposed panel/presentation. Proposals and presentations should be in English. Please send your proposals to conference@mysalta.org by Monday, May 16, 2022. Selected panels and presentations will be announced by May 20.

Conference registration is free. Teachers of less-commonly taught South Asian languages are especially encouraged to apply. To register, please click the following link: https://forms.gle/vTpTvXUhDZrmMCYa9

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