Events – Week of 2/August

via Divya Chaudhry

Here is the schedule for this week’s SALTA research group. Can’t believe it is August already! Hope you are savoring the last bit of the summer before another school year begins. 

A complete calendar of events is also available at the SALTA website: . Clicking on the event on the calendar will provide meeting links and any additional meeting information. 

Schedule for the Week of Aug 2, 2021: 

Tuesday, 8-3
1100-1300 CST
1200-1400 EST
Weekly Co-Writing Hour
(led by Divya Chaudhry)
Zoom Meeting Link Co-writing hour : Guidelines & Structure
Wednesday, 8-4
1500-1600 CST
1600-1700 EST
Weekly Co-Writing Hour
(led by Sai Bhatawadekar)
Zoom Meeting Link
Friday, 8-6
1000 -1100 CST
1100-1200 EST
Fortnightly SLA Reading Group
(led by Rajiv Ranjan) 
Zoom Meeting Link Schedule and Selection of Readings 
Friday , 8-6
1100 -1200 CST
1200-1300 EST
Weekly Urdu study group
(led by Ritu Jayakar)
Google Meet  Link Urdu Resources Google Drive Folder

Hope to see you at one of the events! 



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