Rhode Island Foreign Language Association CFP

– This organization is seeking to be more diverse and inclusive and also has a focus on Heritage Programs. If your program is in the Rhode Island area (I assume this means Mass, Conn, etc.) consider this. (via Kristin Archambault: RIFLA) We are hosting a virtual conference on Saturday, October 2, and is are activelyContinue reading “Rhode Island Foreign Language Association CFP”

Annual Early Hindi Workshop

(via Imre Bangha and Gyanam Mahajan) This year’s summer Early Hindi Workshop (the eighth since 2021) will be held online between 12 and 24 July 2021, with one 90-minute reading session each working day (Monday to Saturday) followed by a 30-minute discussion. As in previous workshops, we are going to read and discuss texts onContinue reading “Annual Early Hindi Workshop”

World Hindi Secretariat Database

(via Kusum Knapczyk and Rajni Bhargava) The World Hindi Secretariat is making a world database to gather information about the universities that teach the Hindi language, literature, and culture outside of India. This information will be made available on the website of the “World Hindi Secretariat” (www.vishwahindi.com). If you are a Hindi instructor, please fillContinue reading “World Hindi Secretariat Database”

2021 Conference in Four Days!

The 2021 South Asia Language Teachers Association’s annual conference is only a few days away! This year’s virtual format brings together scores of teachers and scholars from across the globe with skills an interests in over eighteen South Asian languages. From Assamese to Urdu, we are pleased to bring together this dynamic group of languageContinue reading “2021 Conference in Four Days!”

NSLI-Y Job Opportunity

via Rebecca Manring and Sara Hansen, edited The Virtual NSLI-Y program, a program of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, that introduces U.S. high school students to languages critical to U.S. national security, is a 10-week,  beginner-level foreign language and culture experience, in line with the ACTFL World Readiness Standards, that willContinue reading “NSLI-Y Job Opportunity”


via Divya Chaudhry, Research Director New this week!! The Second Language Acquisition (SLA) Reading Group led by Dr. Rajiv Ranjan. It will meet every alternate Friday. Its first meeting is this Friday, 5-28. A tentative schedule of readings is provided in the table below. Please reach out to Rajiv ji with suggestions for additional/alternate readings.  IfContinue reading “SALTA ACTIVITIES THIS WEEK (24-May)”

Research and Urdu Script Groups

via Divya Chaudhry, SALTA Research Coordinator In an attempt to support each other and create more opportunities for collaboration, the research group will be hosting the following in the month of May.  weekly co-writing/working sessions on Tuesdays (11am-1 pm CST) and Saturdays (5 pm-7 pm CST). Here‘s the meeting link for both sessions for theContinue reading “Research and Urdu Script Groups”