New Website

SALTA has a new website! We will continue to generate content, provide South Asian Language pedagogy resources, and link to other organizations as our web presence grows. You are invited to add the website and contact for your language program on our site. You can use the website’s contact form, email, or respond to this post. Vanakkam, Swagatam, Wel-a-come!

2 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Hello! This is a wonderful website! I’m the founder for ALIA – Apex Langauge Institute of America. We teach K-12 Urdu and Arabic. Headquarters in Dallas TX and classes are currently online. We are in the process of being accrediting and our goal is to award high school foreign language credits to students across America.

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    1. Khush Amdeed! We’re so glad to have you and ALIA as a part of SALTA. Supporting and promoting K-12 education is an important part of our mission. I’ll be sure to add your information to our institutional program page. Stay tuned for future updates.


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