Rhode Island Foreign Language Association CFP

– This organization is seeking to be more diverse and inclusive and also has a focus on Heritage Programs. If your program is in the Rhode Island area (I assume this means Mass, Conn, etc.) consider this.

(via Kristin Archambault: RIFLA)

We are hosting a virtual conference on Saturday, October 2, and is are actively looking for presenters.  We have five strands: Intercultural Competency, Technology, Social Justice/Equity, Heritage Programs, and Comprehensible Input/Proficiency-based instruction. 

We welcome proposals from anyone, but we would especially like to offer presentations from a more diverse group of teachers (BIPOC/LGBTQ+) and we are also looking for more presentations that focus on teaching Chinese.

Information about our conference is on our website (www.rifla.org) in the turquoise box. Presenters are not compensated but can attend the conference for free and will have access to all sessions. 

Deadline for proposals is July 15, but it is fine if you submit it a little later than that. Please reach out if you have questions.

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