Weekly Events – Conference Recap

Via Divya Chaudhry

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe during the recent surge of Covid cases. As everyone returns to classrooms (virtually or in-person), you will notice some changes in the SALTA event offering and schedule (marked in red).  I want to express my gratitude to Sai , David, Shilpa, Rajiv ji, and Ritu ji for hosting events through the summer so SALTA community could have opportunities to engage beyond the annual conference. I also want to thank all members who attended the events and contributed to the conversation. 

This week’s schedule is given below. A complete calendar of events is also available at the SALTA website: https://mysalta.org/groups-and-events/ . Clicking on the event on the calendar will provide meeting links and any additional meeting information. 

Tuesday, 8-24
1100-1300 CST
1200-1400 EST
Weekly Co-Writing Hour*
(led by Divya Chaudhry)
Zoom Meeting Link Co-writing hour : Guidelines & Structure
Wednesday, 8-25
1530-1730 CST
1630-1830 EST
Weekly Co-Writing Hour
(led by Sai Bhatawadekar and David Flaherty)
Zoom Meeting Link
Friday , 8-27
1100 -1200 CST
1200-1300 EST
Weekly Urdu study group
(led by Ritu Jayakar)
Google Meet  Link Urdu Resources Google Drive Folder

*Tuesday’s co-writing hour will be used as a SALTA Conference Recap watch party. If you missed a conference session or would like to just refresh your memory, please join me during the co-writing hour tomorrow between 11 am-1 pm CST. 

Fall Offerings: 

  1. Co-writing hour (Divya) , Mondays 5.30 -6.30 pm CST 
  2. Co-writing hour (Sai & David), Wednesdays 3.30- 5.30 pm CST
  3. Urdu study group (Ritu ji and Sunil ji), Friday 1- 2 pm CST starting Sept 23

Best wishes for the new semester! 


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