24 Hours Until SALTA 2022

We are excited to have so many of you, familiar and new, join us this year as we gather to learn and share from each other our research and practices in teaching South Asian languages!

On this website, you may find the conference schedule converted into different time zones for your convenience since many of you are joining us from all over the world: https://mysalta.org/salta-conference-2022/

This is our first year using a hybrid format for the conference with some online and others in person. We are fortunate to be able to bring you in from wherever you are, especially since this is the first summer in recent years that many of us have had the opportunity to return home to visit our families. I look forward to gathering with several of you in Madison tomorrow and am eager to see the rest of you online. All of our sessions will use the same Zoom link: https://vanderbilt.zoom.us/j/99205918636?pwd=M2UvMnhkT1ZsSWc0QnVwL0Z6eTl3QT09  Passcode: 8675309

Please feel free to email me or any other SALTA Board member with any last minute questions or difficulties.

See you soon!


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