Yuva Hindi Sansthan – Climate Change Training Initiative

Via Ashok Ojha

You will be happy to know that Yuva Hindi Sansthan, INC. has been awarded the prestigious Fulbright-Hays GPA Short-Term Project 2022 by the US Dept of Education. We are soliciting applications from suitable candidates and need your support disseminating the information to Institutions of Higher Education and community schools.

The attached brochure provides details about the YHS Fulbright-Hays GPA Short-Term Project 2022.  If you know someone who might qualify for this program, please encourage him/her to apply as soon as possible. The due date is July 15, 2022.

Applicants should apply online through the Google form here: 


Applicants are also asked to write a 500-word essay about his/her professional goals and the impact this program will have on your future career. Please email the essay as word or PDF attachment to: aojha2008@gmail.com 

You may also visit our website for more details:


If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call the Program Director, Ashok Ojha, at 732-318-9891

The program focus is ‘Climate Change’ and its impact on communities in India. It is open to graduate and undergrad students whose career goal is language education as well as faculties and administrators who are involved in curriculum development. The program requires participants to travel to India on a month-long study trip (all trip expenses covered) tentatively during the Fall 202-month of Nov-Dec 22 . Student applicants should talk to their academic advisors about this program and the study tip. Please note the primary requisite for applying is: you must be engaged full time learning or teaching Hindi or area studies of either of these: history, social sciences, culture etc. During the four weeks of trip to India, program participants will collect authentic material related with Hindi culture as well as area studies related to ‘climate change’. On return to the USA participants will utilize the materials for K-14 Curriculum Development. Prof Gabreila Nik Ilieva, NYU, is the project’s Academic advisor. Myself and Gabriela ji will lead 12 participants on the study trip to India.  

2 thoughts on “Yuva Hindi Sansthan – Climate Change Training Initiative

    1. Hi Sadia! SALTA regularly posts announcements including job opportunities here. Please feel free to follow the blog. Also, we will have several workshops throughout the year which may help with additional training.


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