Information Request for Hindi Instructors

Via Gautami Shah, Monika Browarczyk

We (Dr. Browarczyk, et al) have received a grant for making an online tool for studying Hindi. We are very excited about it! We are planning to make it in two language versions – Polish and English. It will also be available for free on our university website. 

As a kick-start for the project we would like to gather some information on learning and teaching Hindi. We have designed a short anonymous questionnaire and we would like to ask you to fill it. We  would be grateful if you could ask your students to do the same. We would appreciate the feedback by February, 20. Here is the link:

If you know any other Hindi teachers please feel free to send the letter and the link to them.  

Prof. UAM dr  hab. Monika Browarczyk

Zakład Azji Południowej Instytut Orientalistyki Wydział Neofilologii Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza 

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