2022 Online Hindi & Urdu Teacher Training Institute

June 01-July 02, 2022

co-sponsored by

South Asian Institute, University of Texas at Austin

Hagop Kevorkian Center, New York University

Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University

This online teacher training summer institute for Hindi and Urdu teachers emphasizes classroom teaching strategies and basic principles that can be applied to a variety of classroom settings.

Participants develop engaging tasks in the three modes of communication in real-life and meaningful contexts with backwards design. They design and demo- or micro-teach lessons with focus on learner proficiency and background, use of the target language and making it comprehensible and inclusive, as well as based on the use of authentic materials.

The Institute runs for 3 weeks for about 10 hours a week with one pre- and one post-program week about 10 hours each. At the end of program, a completion certificate for 50 hours will be awarded to all participants who successfully complete the coursework.

The program is open to teachers from heritage/community schools, K-12, or college. There is no fee for participating in the program. However, in order to ensure effective training, we can only accommodate a limited number of participants, who will be selected based on an application process. 

Deadline: For full consideration, all application materials (application form and questionnaire) must be received no later than Monday April 25th. We may accept additional applications after April 25 on a rolling basis and will continue to do so until all program slots are filled.

For more information and details on admission and application process, please visit https://wp.nyu.edu/startalknyu/

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