Consulting Opportunity: Summer Hindi-Speaking Resident Director

CLS Program: Consulting Opportunity: Summer Hindi-Speaking Resident Director (

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American Councils is currently seeking a qualified consultant to serve as a Hindi-speaking Resident Director to work on a summer Hindi language program approximately eight weeks in length. The program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students and is focused on the acquisition of Hindi language in an immersion setting. Applicants should provide a description of previous experience in India in their cover letter. The program location is subject to change prior to program start. The consultant agreement includes a scaled compensation fee structure in the event of a cancellation six weeks or less before the start of the program. 

The Resident Director represents American Councils on the program overseas. The Resident Director will work with the host institution, manage communications between American Councils, program participants and local staff, arrange logistics for the group, and advise participants as required and resolve medical and other issues as necessary. 

The Resident Director must be available to program participants on a daily basis; observe classes at the host institution; meet regularly with teachers, administrators, and participants; and arrange group travel and cultural programs and other events and activities focused on the immersion experience. The Resident Director must be available to participants during any emergencies that arise and must communicate regularly with American Councils program staff in Washington, DC. The Resident Director is not permitted to leave the program site or group excursions to conduct personal travel. The Resident Director oversees a small program budget and is responsible for proper documentation of program expenditures and timely completion of a budget report at the end of each month and at the end of the program. Other reporting requirements may apply. 

Prior to departure, the Resident Director will be required to complete an orientation program. The Resident Director may be asked to travel to the program site in advance of the students’ arrival. The Resident Director reports to the DC-based Program Manager and staff. Completion of a successful background check may be required. All offers are contingent upon the candidate’s ability to receive and maintain a visa to the host country where applicable. 


May – August 2022 (exact dates will vary by program specifics). Resident Director training dates will be announced separately. 


  • Being responsible for and available to a group of American college and graduate students 24/7 at all times during the program; 
  • Advising program participants as needed on a variety of language learning, cultural, adjustment and logistical issues, including on issues such as group dynamics and interpersonal relationships; 
  • Reporting on program activities to program staff in Washington, DC or staff in the host country; 
  • Responding to participant emergencies, including assisting participants with securing medical care and navigating local clinics and hospitals; 
  • Supporting students from diverse backgrounds as well as students who have never traveled abroad before; 
  • Liaising with the host institution and local program staff; 
  • Observing the academic program; 
  • Arranging group travel and cultural programs; 
  • Maintaining adherence to program rules and policies among participants, including a language policy; 
  • Managing a small budget of program funds and maintaining detailed financial documentation, including monthly reports;  
  • Collecting and tagging photographs and videos from students and local staff; 
  • Completing a Resident Director pre-departure orientation and training session; 
  • Working with host families, which may include selection and monitoring of host families, conducting site visits, maintaining weekly communication, and assisting with conflict resolution;  
  • Resolving other program-related issues as necessary; and 
  • Performing other program-related tasks as directed.


  • Advanced written and oral language skills (minimum 2/2+ on DLPT scale, Advanced on ACTFL scale) in Hindi; 
  • Study, work, or extensive travel experience in India; 
  • Experience working in a position of authority with undergraduate or graduate students; 
  • Experience overseeing and guiding groups; 
  • Demonstrated skills in academic and personal counseling preferred; and 
  • Demonstrated skills in general financial accountability. 


Position contingent upon funding. All candidates offered a position will be required to provide proof of full Covid-19 vaccination status. American Councils and relevant parties will continue to closely review public health and travel conditions to determine whether participants can travel overseas. The Resident Director position is contingent upon the approval of overseas travel for participants. Resident Directors will only travel to countries which are approved for travel by the State Department and American Councils. Resumes will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. 


American Councils is committed to taking affirmative steps to enhance employment opportunities for minorities, women, veterans, and people with disabilities, and strives to ensure that meaningful employment and promotional opportunities are maintained for everyone. American Councils’ commitment to equal employment opportunity is based not only on federal requirements, but also on a longstanding commitment to maintaining a diverse workforce reflective of the communities in which we operate.

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